Book :: The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence
By: Edith Wharton
Pages: 305
Published: 1920
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Award(s): Pulitzer Prize (1921)
Rating: (6)


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In the highest circle of New York social life during the 1870s, Newland Archer, a young lawyer, prepares to marry the docile May Welland. Before their engagement is announced, he meets May's cousin, the mysterious, nonconformist Countess Ellen Olenska, who has returned to New York after a long absence. Archer's world is always changing.

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Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

This is another story of one torn between two loves. Newland Archer loved May Welland, and just when they are about to be married, May's cousin Countess Ellen Olenska arrives after a broken marriage. Archer secretly falls for her and she for him. The story is about Archer's loyalty, his struggle to do the right thing when his heart is fickle, his wife's cleverness and the countess's awareness of how she is affecting everyone's lives. The ending of this novel leaves the reader guessing. Good story.

Jun 13th, 2021

forline forline

Dec 31st, 2017

Murfville Murfville

Aug 27th, 2017

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Jun 23rd, 2015

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Dec 12th, 2014

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Feb 15th, 2014

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