Genre :: Medieval (3 books)

  • The Canterbury Tales


    The Canterbury Tales

    by Geoffrey Chaucer

    (11 Reviews)

    90 Points

    "When the sweet showers of April have pierced/ The drought of March, and pierced it to the root,/ And every vein is bathed in that moisture/ Whose quickening force will engender the flower;/ And..."

  • The Pillars of The Earth


    The Pillars of The Earth

    by Ken Follett

    (10 Reviews)

    68 Points

    "The small boys came early to the hanging. (Preface)In a broad valley, at the foot of a sloping hillside, beside a clear bubbling stream, Tom was building a house. (Chapter 1) "

  • Katherine



    by Anya Seton

    (1 Review)

    6 Points

    "In the tender green time of April, Katherine set forth at last upon her journey with two nuns and the royal messenger."