Book :: To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
By: Harper Lee
Pages: 323
Published: Jul 11th, 1960
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Young Adult
Award(s): Pulitzer Prize (1961)
Rating: (63)


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Ninett Ninett

Feb 8th, 2021

Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

Excellent! I love the movie (which I've watched several times) and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Although it is about racism, it is important for just that reason. A must-read!

Oct 14th, 2019

JesusCage JesusCage

Sep 21st, 2018

kireinekokun kireinekokun

Feb 13th, 2018

forline forline

I've read this with each of my children as he or she read it for the first time (and a few more times by myself). Love, love, love this!

Jan 4th, 2018

Murfville Murfville

Aug 27th, 2017

justinwolfe82 justinwolfe82

Nostalgic and timeless book for the ages. Easy read and good enough to convey some of the historical elements of the time period.

May 26th, 2017

Spooky Spooky

Apr 30th, 2017

Portia Portia

Mar 10th, 2017

amessina3399 amessina3399

Jan 12th, 2017

BarbaraHelen BarbaraHelen

Atticus is the kind of man every man should strive to be

Sep 5th, 2016

Hammer2665 Hammer2665

Jul 19th, 2016

D-Train D-Train

Fairly good book, though I certainly don't see what all the excitement is about. I can see how in its day it was more of a timely social commentary.

Jun 4th, 2016

Aaron Sztrakoniczky Aaron Sztrakoniczky

A masterpiece !

Jun 1st, 2016

minhthuann minhthuann

Atticus Finch is the best father in history. The book itself is amazing and well written, invoking sympathy for black people.

Apr 5th, 2016


Same old crap created by the newspapers & tv companies to sell more newspapers & improve tv programmes ratings & generally just bore people to death even more... :( -Myself & Over 250,000 people in the UK & 5 Million americans,Suffer purgatory & Hells flames with "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"/Fibromyalgia/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Could be caused by hypothyroidism),yet NOBODY,esp in the 'newsmedia', gives a shit,W-H-Y is this???

Oct 11th, 2015

RealTexasSwag RealTexasSwag

This book, a one-hit-wonder from a very unproductive author, is only popular due to a fad that it is actually about civil rights: sucky book.

Jul 30th, 2015

Trappalapp Trappalapp

Jul 15th, 2015

Jsscnewman Jsscnewman

Jul 2nd, 2015


Jun 8th, 2015

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 5th, 2015

HimePanic HimePanic

Great book! But it moved a bit slow in some places... Still highly recommended.

Mar 10th, 2015

dkbunnell dkbunnell

Harper Lee does a masterful job through the eyes of a young girl of trying to make sense of a society that doesn't make sense. The character of Atticus is one of literature's greats as he tackles the issue of racism in the south. Well deserving of its classification as a classic.

Feb 25th, 2015

Jerry LaPlante Jerry LaPlante

Feb 13th, 2015

Fede Fede

Feb 11th, 2015

crashman2 crashman2

Adolesence has never been put into words quite like this. A witty and pleasant insight into innocence and integrity.

Jan 23rd, 2015

lgaston99 lgaston99

This was a great book that has lessons that are applicable even today.

Jan 17th, 2015

notathreatinsight notathreatinsight

Dec 30th, 2014

willoyd willoyd

Dec 30th, 2014

sharon sharon

A very different view of the South during the depression. Attic us Finch is an inspiring character, a lawyer who defends a black man in a racist town. He inspires his own two children to open their hearts and minds.

Dec 7th, 2014

Tejas Nair Tejas Nair

So brilliantly warm and humorous, it deserves the appreciation it has garnered. Atticus Finch remains one of the greatest character in any piece of literature.

Dec 5th, 2014

pceastman pceastman

Nov 19th, 2014

Tim35 Tim35

This novel portrays segregation in the Deep South during the 1930's.

Jul 15th, 2014

jwk jwk

Jul 13th, 2014

bdubransky bdubransky

May 26th, 2014

sanayhs sanayhs

May 9th, 2014

aliveironically aliveironically

One of my favorite classic American novels. Racism, alcoholism, violence, poverty, child abuse, rape, all through the eyes of a young girl. To Kill A Mockingbird was loosely based off of Harper Lee's childhood, and is a must read for anyone. A lot of it's messages hold true to this day.

Apr 19th, 2014

Lyricist Lyricist

Mar 18th, 2014

kum kum

Mar 2nd, 2014

abq22 abq22

Feb 27th, 2014

lanigan lanigan

Feb 15th, 2014


This book managed to be humorous and whimsical almost the entire novel and still tackle some major issues. I loved it.

Nov 17th, 2013

red13x red13x

Classic, I really enjoyed this book.

Nov 6th, 2013

Thea Thea

Intreging - captivating.. The whole way

Oct 18th, 2013

febin febin

Awesome read from the start till the end. Although you might lose focus at the near end.

Aug 30th, 2013

che che

Aug 29th, 2013

nian nian

Aug 24th, 2013

rebekahj391 rebekahj391

This was a good book, but it was not great. I really feel like it's one of those books a high school student could get away with just watching the movie rather than reading the book because there was just not much action. It seems like the author wanted to make a statement about racism, so she tried to center a story around it, but she didn't quite make it.

Aug 23rd, 2013

mariamitica mariamitica

Aug 20th, 2013

skhamilt skhamilt

Throughout the book it felt as if it was all about someone who was a perfect and good versus someone who was a horrible person. There was very little character development. Perhaps the fact that I was expecting so much from this book is what made me dislike the book in the end when it did not measure up.

Aug 9th, 2013

haleymotl haleymotl

Jul 31st, 2013

Keith Keith

Jul 30th, 2013

aola aola

Jul 21st, 2013

tebowtime3x5 tebowtime3x5

An amazing book that helps people realize hoe horrible it is to be racist.

Jun 22nd, 2013

Fflwff Stwff Fflwff Stwff

This is a great read that delves into sensitive issues and explores them in a funny, compelling way. Harper Lee is a true artist, and this book will remain relevant for many years to come.

Apr 7th, 2013

ivana037 ivana037

Apr 3rd, 2013

briggsy200 briggsy200

Apr 1st, 2013

wanddnaw wanddnaw

I was so excited to read this book but I kept waiting for something to happen, so I persevered and still nothing. I think the movie was so good and far better than the book. If you saw the movie first with Gregory Peck the book will be a let down.

Mar 28th, 2013

mike8743 mike8743

Mar 10th, 2013

jdbosel jdbosel

Racism, alcoholism, isolationism, fear, and violence. These are elements that children should not have to experience, but in Harper Lee's classic novel of the depression era American south these are exactly the sorts of things that Jem and Scout Finch encounter. As their father, lawyer Atticus Finch, works to defend a black man in Alabama, the children are faced with many challenges including dealing with the backlash of their father's job, the mysterious and terrifying Boo Radley, economic differences with other children, and a rabid dog. Lee approaches all of these events from Scout's point of view, and each occurrence in the novel is seen with an element of child-like wonder and confusion as she asks questions and deals with the answers. This book is solidly written and deserves the high honors and accolades it has earned over the years. Truly worthy of its classic status.

Feb 15th, 2013

samaelro samaelro

Feb 15th, 2013

Jojoelliott Jojoelliott

Feb 14th, 2013

vicky116 vicky116

There's so much hype about this book that you literally expect fireworks to fly from the page. As this did not happen, I was a bit disappointed but it's still an amazing book.

Feb 11th, 2013

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