Book :: The Making of Americans

The Making of Americans
By: Gertrude Stein
Pages: 926
Published: 1934
Genre(s): American
Rating: (3)


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Stein's monster of a novel, which was initially serialized by Hemingway and Ford Madox Ford in the Transatlantic Review. Although Stein does not follow convention, the plot portrays three generations of an American family. An abridged edition was released in 1934, but this is a facsimile of the original text published in Paris in 1925 by Robert McAlmon's Contact Editions.

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forline forline

I’ve looked forward to reading this for so long—i loved TAoABT. I did not enjoy the experience at all. Only stubbornness kept me going and going and going. Ugh.

Jul 10th, 2021

bryanoz bryanoz

Dec 7th, 2017

lanigan lanigan

Feb 15th, 2014

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