Book :: The Awakening

The Awakening
By: Kate Chopin
Pages: 195
Published: 1899
Genre(s): Feminism
Rating: (7)


89 points

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forline forline

Dec 31st, 2017

sanayhs sanayhs

Sep 26th, 2015

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 19th, 2015

red13x red13x

I really loved this book! I thought it was very well written and I loved the story, even though it was rather sad at times. It really shows what can go through people's mind when they're depressed, especially so for the women around the late 1800's who didn't have as many freedoms as we do today.

Oct 26th, 2014

HeyZeus096 HeyZeus096

This book, as far as I can tell, is about a woman who tries to break out. Key word tries. She then realizes that, because she is female, oh she can't be free and do what will make her happy so she kills herself. A wonderful message to oppressed women everywhere: Just kill yourself, nothing will ever get better. Damn I hate this book.

Oct 8th, 2014

lanigan lanigan

Feb 15th, 2014

TheUberKevlar TheUberKevlar

Good prose at times. I found the overall story rather disappointing though. Sad for sure.

Feb 15th, 2013

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