Book :: The Death of Artemio Cruz

The Death of Artemio Cruz
By: Carlos Fuentes
Pages: 307
Published: 1962
Genre(s): Latin American
Magical Realism
Literary Fiction
Rating: (2)


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As the novel opens, Artemio Cruz, the all-powerful newspaper magnate and land baron, lies confined to his bed and, in dreamlike flashes, recalls the pivotal episodes of his life. Carlos Fuentes manipulates the ensuing kaleidoscope of images with dazzling inventiveness, layering memory upon memory, from Cruz’s heroic campaigns during the Mexican Revolution, through his relentless climb from...

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forline forline

this took a long time to get into....but when I did, this was a good read!

Dec 31st, 2017

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 9th, 2015

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