Book :: Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind
By: Margaret Mitchell
Pages: 1037
Published: Jun 30th, 1936
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Award(s): Pulitzer Prize (1937)
Rating: (22)


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Gone with the Wind is the story of Scarlett O’ Hara, a spoiled Southern belle who uses her wits and her wiles to lift herself and her family out of the ashes left by Sherman’ s March to the Sea during the American Civil War, only to learn the true meaning of love and friendship as she loses those who have become most dear to her. First published in 1936, Gone with the Wind was awarded the...

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Trappalapp Trappalapp

Dec 2nd, 2022

Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

This is such a fantastic story, full of drama and visuals. I watched the movie long ago and read the book a few years ago. So good, just as I had remembered it. The complaint about it is how black people are referred to, but in that time it was the common verbiage so fit with the story. Hard to read, though.

Oct 14th, 2019

forline forline

My mom's favorite! I read this in 1986/87 during lunch breaks at work! I could not put this down!

Dec 31st, 2017

Murfville Murfville

Aug 27th, 2017

justinwolfe82 justinwolfe82

The best book I have read on this list so far.

Aug 2nd, 2017

sanayhs sanayhs

Feb 21st, 2017

D-Train D-Train

I was VERY surprised at how much I loved this book! It's a monster of a 1000+ page book, but worth the time to read. I learned a lot about the Civil War by reading this book. Very gruesome and graphic, not for the squeamish! Nice love story as well. Definitely highly recommended.

Jun 4th, 2016

Aaron Sztrakoniczky Aaron Sztrakoniczky

Great love story, characters are really deep and that makes the difference !

Jun 1st, 2016

minhthuann minhthuann

Great novel that captures the period of Civil War through a romantic story. Rhett Butler's characterisation is perfection.

Apr 5th, 2016

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 5th, 2015

notathreatinsight notathreatinsight

Dec 30th, 2014

jwk jwk

The great American novel

Dec 12th, 2014

alinache23 alinache23

Jul 30th, 2014

_Cosmic_Love__ _Cosmic_Love__

Sep 3rd, 2013

mariamitica mariamitica

Aug 20th, 2013

Mass Mass

read it 3 times

Jul 28th, 2013

aola aola

Jul 21st, 2013

briggsy200 briggsy200

Apr 1st, 2013

rconawa rconawa

A long, complex and well developed story line set in the Civil War era. The book shows the complexities of relationships between a man and a woman.

Mar 25th, 2013

mike8743 mike8743

Mar 10th, 2013

aishae aishae

Perfect book for you if you are someone who is together with love of your life but not aware of that fact until the day finally he gives up trying to win your love.

Mar 4th, 2013

Jojoelliott Jojoelliott

Feb 14th, 2013

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