Book :: As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying
By: William Faulkner
Pages: 267
Published: 1930
Genre(s): American
Adult Fiction
Award(s): Nobel Prize in Literature (1949)
Rating: (11)


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Set in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, As I Lay Dying tells the story of the dysfunctional Bundren family as they set out to fulfill Addie Bundren’ s dying wish. Told by fifteen narrators, including Jewel, Cash, Darl and Dewey Dell, As I Lay Dying uses stream of consciousness to unveil each character’ s motivations for carrying out Addie’ s wish, along with a multitude of lies they have been...

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forline forline

probably my favorite Faulkner, though, again, I don't like Faulkner.

Jan 4th, 2018

hauerfarm hauerfarm

Jul 8th, 2016

ndswidzinski ndswidzinski

Jul 3rd, 2015

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 23rd, 2015

entropicisland entropicisland

Apr 23rd, 2015

jwk jwk

Dec 12th, 2014

acpac2004 acpac2004

Jul 25th, 2014

Shadow25729 Shadow25729

I expected to hate reading this book, but was pleasantly surprised when I began to read it. Though many of the characters are annoying and unlikable, a good majority of them seemed like real people, with varying depth of character.

May 14th, 2014

red13x red13x

Hmmm, I really didn't get the point of this story. I didn't particulary like any of the characters, and I found the writing style difficult to read fluidly. This isn't the worst book I've ever read, there were some aspects that were a little interesting, but I was rather too happy to finish it and return it to the library for good.

Feb 7th, 2014

mperry2743 mperry2743

Or as those of us who were forced to read it affectionately called it "As I Die Reading." Truly depressing tale, with not one redeeming feature.

Dec 17th, 2013

Keith Keith

Jul 30th, 2013

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