Book :: The Death of the Heart

The Death of the Heart
By: Elizabeth Bowen
Pages: 418
Published: 1938
Genre(s): England
Coming of Age
Rating: (2)


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The Death of the Heart is perhaps Elizabeth Bowen's best-known book. As she deftly and delicately exposes the cruelty that lurks behind the polished surfaces of conventional society, Bowen reveals herself as a masterful novelist who combines a sense of humor with a devastating gift for divining human motivations. In this piercing story of innocence betrayed set in the thirties, the orphaned...

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red13x red13x

I quite liked the overall story, but it’s not a book I’d shout about and encourage others to read. It was okay, and any author who makes me hate a character is doing a good job!

Dec 11th, 2022

forline forline

Took forever to read and didn't become too-good-to-put-down until the second section of three.

May 8th, 2017

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