Book :: Ragtime

By: E. L. Doctorow
Pages: 336
Published: 1975
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
New York
Award(s): National Book Critics Circle Award (1975)
Rating: (3)


65 points

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Ragtime, the jaunty, toe-tapping music that captivated American society from the 1890s through World War I, forms the roots of America s popular musical expression. But the understanding of ragtime and its era has been clouded by a history of murky impressions, half-truths, and inventive fictions.

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red13x red13x

Good book, not amazing or one is read again, but worth reading.

Dec 14th, 2021

forline forline

I am not sure why I didn't read this when it came out (maybe I thought it was fluff?) but I read this all in one gulp--it was that enjoyable!!!!

Feb 20th, 2018

loonyluna1331 loonyluna1331

This was my favorite book for about three years after seeing the musical adaptation of the same name. The story is amazing, very adult and honest- something I loved when I was younger and which I still appreciate to this day.

Feb 3rd, 2013

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