Book :: His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials
By: Philip Pullman
Pages: 1088
Published: 1995
Genre(s): Fantasy
Young Adult
Rating: (13)


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A two-part dramatization of Philip Pullman's massively successful trilogy.

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forline forline

A friend handed this to me and said, "You will love this!" He was right and I spent every second inhaling this wonderful, wonderful book!!!!

Jan 4th, 2018

Murfville Murfville

Aug 27th, 2017

Portia Portia

Mar 10th, 2017

kelliehopkins75 kelliehopkins75

Absolutely amazing. So much meaning hidden between the lines and what a beautiful story it is. Perfect book for free thinkers... or just thinkers.

Dec 24th, 2016

Aaron Sztrakoniczky Aaron Sztrakoniczky

Simply astonishing.

Jul 11th, 2016

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 23rd, 2015

funkygman007 funkygman007

Mar 11th, 2015

sanayhs sanayhs

Jan 13th, 2015

jwk jwk

Dec 12th, 2014

abq22 abq22

Feb 27th, 2014


Dec 23rd, 2013

red13x red13x

I loved these 3 books.

Nov 6th, 2013


Feb 12th, 2013

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3rd on The Big Read by BBC

84th on Top 100 Books by Newsweek

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