Book :: Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl
By: Eoin Colfer
Pages: 396
Published: Apr 1st, 2001
Genre(s): Fantasy
Young Adult
Rating: (9)


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At last, one of the most talked-about novels of last year is now available in an accessible mass-market edition. Twelve-year-old Artemis is a millionaire, a genius-and above all, a criminal mastermind. But Artemis doesn't know what he's taken on when he kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. These aren't the fairies of the bedtime stories-they're dangerous!

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Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

Artemis Fowl was a boy genius, a brilliant detective who was not to be outdone. He captured some fairies, then finds they are dangerous so he has a lot of defending to do.

Feb 17th, 2020

forline forline

gobbled the whole series! I love these! My kids would NOT read them!

Mar 24th, 2018

red13x red13x

Great book for pre-teens!

Jun 18th, 2017

Portia Portia

Mar 26th, 2017

bryanoz bryanoz

Jul 3rd, 2015

LosWochos LosWochos

Jan 21st, 2015

acpac2004 acpac2004

Jul 25th, 2014

sanayhs sanayhs

Jun 10th, 2014


Nov 17th, 2013

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