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Double Act
By: Jacqueline Wilson
Pages: 192
Published: 1995
Genre(s): Childrens
Young Adult
Rating: (4)


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Ruby and Garnet are ten-year-old twins. They're identical, and they do EVERYTHING together, especially since their mother died three years earlier - but they couldn't be more different. Bossy, bouncy, funny Ruby loves to take charge, and is desperate to be a famous actress, while quiet, sensitive, academic Garnet loves nothing more than to curl up with one of her favourite books. And when...

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forline forline

still not a fan so much

Mar 24th, 2018

Portia Portia

Mar 13th, 2017

sanayhs sanayhs

Sep 26th, 2015

red13x red13x

I wasn't expecting to like this book, but it was better than I thought it'd be. It took me a while to get into but it got better. The story is a typical young person one, full of teachings of patience and how to deal with modern family life.

Dec 3rd, 2013

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