Book :: At Swim-Two-Birds

At Swim-Two-Birds
By: Flann O'Brien
Pages: 240
Published: 1939
Genre(s): Ireland
Rating: (2)


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Flann O'Brien's first novel is a brilliant impressionistic jumble of ideas, mythology and nonsense. Operating on many levels it incorporates plots within plots, giving full rein to O'Brien's dancing intellect and Celtic wit. The undergraduate narrator lives with his uncle in Dublin, drinks too much with his friends and invents stories peopled with hilarious and unlikely characters, one of whom,...

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forline forline

I agree that this was a hard book to get through. Still, it was entertaining and silly enough to keep me going.

Oct 28th, 2016

red13x red13x

I really tried hard to enjoy this book, but I just couldn't. I found it boring and rather pointless most of the time. There were some parts around the middle and end that I found okay, but most of the time I just couldn't wait to finish it. Give it a go though, you might appreciate the book more than me.

Jan 1st, 2014

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