Book :: Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian
By: Cormac McCarthy
Pages: 351
Published: 1985
Genre(s): Western
Historical Fiction
Rating: (4)


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An epic novel of the violence and depravity that attended America's westward expansion, Blood Meridianbrilliantly subverts the conventions of the Western novel and the mythology of the "wild west." Based on historical events that took place on the Texas-Mexico border in the 1850s, it traces the fortunes of the Kid, a fourteen-year-old Tennesseean who stumbles into the nightmarish world where...

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llamajoe llamajoe

Greatest book I’ve ever read.

Aug 18th, 2022

Ninett Ninett

Feb 8th, 2021

forline forline

Wow! Riveting.

Jul 12th, 2017

Keith Keith

Jul 30th, 2013

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