Book :: Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are
By: Maurice Sendak
Pages: 37
Published: 1963
Genre(s): Childrens
Young Adult
Rating: (15)


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Where the Wild Things Are, one of the wildest and most memorable picture books ever created, is now a movie full of adventure and mystery - and huge hairy creatures. Follow Max, a rambunctious boy who feels misunderstood at home, as he sets out on a tiny boat seeking new worlds across the sea. He lands on the incredible island of the Wild Things, a place where being a beast isn't a bad thing....

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Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

One night Max got overly rambunctious. His mother called him a wild thing and sent him to his room without any supper. That didn't bother Max because he had a wild imagination (and maybe amazing dreams). His room became a jungle and he set off to another land where all kinds of monsters - wild things - awaited him. When he gets back ... well, it's a great ending. This is a wildly fantastical story with illustrations to match.

Oct 17th, 2019

forline forline

my favorite child's gift!

Apr 27th, 2018

Portia Portia

Mar 13th, 2017

bryanoz bryanoz

Jul 3rd, 2015

Caro60 Caro60

Totally charming - encapsulates every child's dream

Jun 15th, 2015

crashman2 crashman2

A story that captures imagination in its purest form and leaves you wondering: at what point did the impractical fade from our collective reality?

Jan 24th, 2015

acpac2004 acpac2004

Jul 25th, 2014

Tim35 Tim35

Jul 16th, 2014

bdubransky bdubransky

May 26th, 2014

sanayhs sanayhs

May 9th, 2014

red13x red13x

I didn't read this as a child, but picked it up as it was on this list of books! It wasn't too bad at all, the story is short but sweet and the artwork is brilliant!

Dec 2nd, 2013

skhamilt skhamilt


Aug 11th, 2013

Applejack Applejack

Easily one of the greatest children's books ever written. Fun, imaginative, and with a good moral. My daughters reading journey began here, just like it did for me.

Jun 4th, 2013

Alexander Supertramp II Alexander Supertramp II

I learned to read with this book. That's all that needs to be said

Mar 13th, 2013

dovahPEAR dovahPEAR

This is one of my favorite children's books.

Mar 1st, 2013

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