Book :: Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions
By: Kurt Vonnegut
Pages: 302
Published: May 1st, 1973
Genre(s): Science Fiction
Rating: (5)


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Breakfast of Champions (1973) provides frantic, scattershot satire and a collage of Vonnegut’s obsessions. His recurring cast of characters and American landscape was perhaps the most controversial of his canon; it was felt by many at the time to be a disappointing successor to Slaughterhouse-Five, which had made Vonnegut’s literary reputation. The core of the novel is Kilgore Trout, a familiar...

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Portia Portia

Jan 26th, 2019

forline forline

I had never read Vonnegut until the list....will read everything!!!!

Jan 5th, 2018

red13x red13x

I enjoyed the first half of the book, but got lost during the second half unfortunately. I loved Cat's Cradle so I'm surprised this one was not my cup of tea. Worth a read though!

Aug 18th, 2017

sanayhs sanayhs

Sep 21st, 2015

bdunk23 bdunk23

read it. loved it. forgot, read it again. still can't remember all of the great religious teachings held in this book, but i'm sure i'll read it again, love it, forget, and repeat.

Jul 30th, 2013

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