Book :: A Wizard of Earthsea

A Wizard of Earthsea
By: Ursula K. Le Guin
Pages: 183
Published: 1968
Genre(s): Young Adult
Science Fiction
Rating: (6)


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Originally published in 1968, Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea marks the first of the six now beloved Earthsea titles. Ged was the greatest sorcerer in Earthsea, but in his youth he was the reckless Sparrowhawk. In his hunger for power and knowledge, he tampered with long-held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow upon the world. This is the tumultuous tale of his testing, how he...

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red13x red13x

I really enjoyed this. It’s worth reading the rest of the set too, if you really get into it. They’re not too long, shame they’re not on this list!

Dec 28th, 2023

forline forline

Not quite sure how this escaped my science fiction reading phase as it came out just as I was nose deep in all things Heinlein and L'Engle....

Feb 19th, 2018

Portia Portia

Mar 12th, 2017

bryanoz bryanoz

Jul 3rd, 2015

arepole arepole

Nov 10th, 2014

kum kum

Mar 2nd, 2014

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