Book :: Ironweed

By: William J. Kennedy
Pages: 208
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Award(s): National Book Critics Circle Award (1983)
Pulitzer Prize (1984)
Rating: (1)


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Francis Phelan, ex-big-leaguer, part-time gravedigger, full-time bum with the gift of gab, is back in town. He left Albany twenty-two years earlier after he dropped his infant son accidentally, and the boy died. Now he's on the way back to the wife and home he abandoned, haunted at every corner by the ghosts of his violent life. Francis; his wino ladyfriend of nine years, Helen; and his...

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forline forline

I picked this up from the ship's library on a Mediterranean cruise and was very pleasantly surprised!!

Jan 5th, 2018

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