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  • The Ambassadors


    The Ambassadors

    by Henry James

    (4 Reviews)

    235 Points

    "Strether's first question, when he reached the hotel, was about his friend; yet on his learning that Waymarsh was apparently not to arrive till evening he was not wholly disconcerted."

  • The Wings of the Dove


    The Wings of the Dove

    by Henry James

    (2 Reviews)

    107 Points

    "She waited, Kate Croy, for her father to come in, but he kept her unconscionably, and there were moments at which she showed herself, in the glass over the mantel, a face postiively pale with the..."

  • The Golden Bowl


    The Golden Bowl

    by Henry James

    (1 Review)

    69 Points

    "The Prince had always liked his London, when it had come to him; he was one of the modern Romans who find by the Thames a more convincing image of the truth of the ancient state than any they have..."

  • The Bostonians


    The Bostonians

    by Henry James

    (1 Review)

    14 Points

    "Olive will come down in about ten minutes; she told me to tell you that."

  • The Portrait of a Lady


    The Portrait of a Lady

    by Henry James

    (3 Reviews)

    306 Points

    "Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. There are circumstances in which, whether you partake of the..."