List :: Rival 100 Best Novels by Radcliffe

  • This Side of Paradise


    This Side of Paradise

    by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    (4 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 580

    10 points

    "Amory Blaine inherited from his mother every trait, except the stray inexpressible few, that made him worth while."

  • Atlas Shrugged


    Atlas Shrugged

    by Ayn Rand

    (15 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 306

    70 points

    "Who is John Galt?"

  • The French Lieutenant's Woman


    The French Lieutenant's Woman

    by John Fowles

    (2 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 325

    68 points

    "An easterly is the most disagreeable wind in Lyme Bay - Lyme Bay being that largest bite from the underside of England's outstretched south-western leg - and a person of curiosity could at once..."

  • Babbitt



    by Sinclair Lewis

    (1 Review)

    Overall Rank: 367

    57 points

    "The towers of Zenith aspired above the morning mist; austere towers of steel and cement and limestone, sturdy as cliffs and delicate as silver rods."

  • Kim



    by Rudyard Kipling

    (6 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 161

    125 points

    "He sat, in defiance of municipal orders, astride the gun Zam-Zammah on her brick platform opposite the old Ajaib-Gher - the Wonder House, as the natives call the Lahore Museum."

  • The Beautiful and Damned


    The Beautiful and Damned

    by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    (4 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 600

    5 points

    "In 1913, when Anthony Patch was twenty-five, two years were already gone since irony, the Holy Ghost of this later day, had, theoretically at least, descended upon him."

  • Rabbit, Run


    Rabbit, Run

    by John Updike

    (4 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 209

    95 points

    "Boys are playing basketball around a telephone pole with a backboard bolted to it. "

  • Where Angels Fear to Tread


    Where Angels Fear to Tread

    by E. M. Forster

    (3 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 609

    3 points

    "They were all at Charing Cross to see Lilia off--Philip, Harriet, Irma, Mrs. Herriton herself."

  • Main Street


    Main Street

    by Sinclair Lewis

    (1 Review)

    Overall Rank: 224

    90 points

    "Chapter 1: On a hill by the Mississippi where Chippewas camped two generations ago, a girl stood in relief against the cornflower blue of Northern sky."

  • Midnight's Children


    Midnight's Children

    by Salman Rushdie

    (9 Reviews)

    Overall Rank: 29

    391 points

    "I was born in the city of Bombay . . . once upon a time."