Book :: Lady Chatterley's Lover

Lady Chatterley's Lover
By: D. H. Lawrence
Pages: 400
Published: 1928
Genre(s): Romance
Rating: (8)


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Emotionally and physically isolated from her disabled husband, Lady Constance Chatterley enters into an affair with the couple’ s gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors. While she finds physical fulfillment and love with Mellors, Constance is nevertheless forced to confront the differences between the upper and lower classes as she chooses between a future in reduced circumstances with Mellors and a life...

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red13x red13x

I liked this way more than I thought I would. Many a time whilst reading I was a surprised it was written by a man.

Apr 9th, 2024

forline forline

Jan 5th, 2018

bryanoz bryanoz

Jan 17th, 2016

willoyd willoyd

Dec 30th, 2014

acpac2004 acpac2004

Jul 25th, 2014

laros76 laros76

Mar 20th, 2014

aola aola

Jul 21st, 2013

Fflwff Stwff Fflwff Stwff

A great piece of work. I feel sympathy for Constance, but at the same time feel sorry for her husband. This book provides an interesting moral dichotomy and blows rubbish like 50 Shades of Grey out of the water.

Apr 19th, 2013

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