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  • Women in Love


    Women in Love

    by D. H. Lawrence

    (5 Reviews)

    226 Points

    "Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen sat one morning in the window-bay of their father’s house in Beldover, working and talking. Ursula was stitching a piece of brightly-coloured embroidery, and Gudrun was..."

  • Sons and Lovers


    Sons and Lovers

    by D. H. Lawrence

    (4 Reviews)

    232 Points

    "The Bottoms" succeeded to "Hell Row."

  • The Rainbow


    The Rainbow

    by D. H. Lawrence

    (2 Reviews)

    128 Points

    "The Brangwens had lived for generations on the Marsh Farm, in the meadows where the Erewash twisted sluggishly through alder trees, separating Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire."

  • Lady Chatterley's Lover


    Lady Chatterley's Lover

    by D. H. Lawrence

    (7 Reviews)

    135 Points

    "Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically.Náš věk je v podstatě tragický, a tak ho odmítáme tragicky brát."