Book :: The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl
By: Anne Frank
Pages: 283
Published: 1947
Genre(s): Biography
Rating: (19)


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Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl is among the most enduring documents of the twentieth century. Since its publication in 1947, it has been read by tens of millions of people all over the world. It remains a beloved and deeply admired testament to the indestructible nature of the human spirit. Restored in this Definitive Edition are diary entries that were omitted from the original...

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Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

Anne Frank was a writer, not officially, but a very good one who knew how to express herself well through the written word. Anne shared everything that was going through her teenage mind, all her worries, hopes, frustrations, desires, fears, imaginings. She was a young girl struggling with her emotions in an abnormal way of living, while trying to be brave and making plans for her uncertain future. Anne's relating of all she and the seven others in hiding with her had to deal with to survive for over two years in a small space was well recorded in what was, at first, to be a private diary. Of course, it would quickly become a stressful situation for them with many different personalities trying to share together. It was a horrible time for them, never sure they were going to be safe until the end of the war or if they would be found out. Unfortunately, it was the latter. Imagine living in a few rooms with seven other people, both male and female, and not having a toilet that always worked, not being able to flush or run water or play music after a certain time each day because of the fear of being heard. Imagine outgrowing the clothes you were able to bring with you, or them wearing out, and having to make do because you can't possibly go out to buy more. Imagine the few people knowing where you are risking their own lives to help you survive. Imagine being able to peek outside but never go out, and living in an attic space in the heat of summer without air conditioning. Imagine your food supply running out or rotting - and eating what you can of it anyway - or there being so little left you have hardly enough for everyone until more can be sneaked to you. Imagine being afraid and suspicious every time you hear a sudden loud noise; hearing bombers flying over; afraid the burglars who, at night are breaking into seemingly empty buildings, will discover you by accident. Imagine ... life during a war, having to hide from almost everyone, including friends. In her diary, Anne Frank expressed her thoughts regarding everything from her annoyances over petty things, to her hatred of her mother, to her sexuality - graphic descriptions included. Anne's diary ended abruptly, as - with no warning - her short life again changed drastically. If you want to know what it was like for Jews (and others) having to be in hiding during World War II, this book gives much detail of life from the inside of that

Oct 14th, 2019

forline forline

required reading!

Jan 4th, 2018

Murfville Murfville

Aug 27th, 2017

Spooky Spooky

Apr 30th, 2017

Aaron Sztrakoniczky Aaron Sztrakoniczky

It learnt me so much.

Jul 29th, 2016

red13x red13x

I'm not sure why, but I wasn't looking forward to reading this, I was expecting it to be rather dull. In the end though I really enjoyed this book, it took me back to being a teenager - minus the war etc! It's both funny and sad, a brilliant read.

Nov 10th, 2015

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 25th, 2015

jwk jwk

Dec 13th, 2014

Anca Anca

Nov 27th, 2014

Tim35 Tim35

Jul 15th, 2014

SueGoddess SueGoddess

No other book gives such a hauntingly clear picture of life in hiding from the Nazis

Jul 6th, 2014

bdubransky bdubransky

May 26th, 2014

sanayhs sanayhs

May 9th, 2014

ariellewelch ariellewelch

May 1st, 2014

mendozaale mendozaale

Sep 15th, 2013

rebekahj391 rebekahj391

Anne was such an amazing girl; it's a shame her life was cut so short. Her dream was to become a writer, and it's comforting to know that even a genocide was not powerful enough to keep Anne's dream from coming true! I truly think every young adult should read this novel.

Aug 23rd, 2013

skhamilt skhamilt

Wow. I think this is historically very important. It makes what happened easier to relate to instead of it just being cold colourless photos and text.

Aug 11th, 2013

briggsy200 briggsy200

Apr 1st, 2013

Fflwff Stwff Fflwff Stwff

A beautiful, moving account of how even in the face of fascism, genocide and potential death, it is still possible to have faith in people and to make the best of life. Anne Frank did not die in vain because her diary has made an echoing social impact that will not ever be forgotten.

Mar 22nd, 2013

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