Book :: If This Is a Man and The Truce

If This Is a Man and The Truce
By: Primo Levi
Pages: 398
Published: 1979
Genre(s): History
Rating: (3)


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With the moral stamina and intellectual pose of a twentieth-century Titan, this slightly built, duitful, unassuming chemist set out systematically to remember the German hell on earth, steadfastly to think it through, and then to render it comprehensible in lucid, unpretentious prose. He was profoundly in touch with the minutest workings of the most endearing human events and with the most...

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red13x red13x

Disturbing to read at times, however this is as it should be.

Aug 10th, 2023

forline forline

I could not stop reading...

Dec 28th, 2019

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 9th, 2015

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