Book :: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Les Liaisons Dangereuses
By: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
Pages: 372
Published: 1782
Genre(s): France
Historical Fiction
Rating: (5)


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Published in 1782, just years before the French Revolution, Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a disturbing and ultimately damning portrayal of a decadent society. At its centre are two aristocrats, former lovers, who embark on a sophisticated game of seduction and manipulation to bring amusement to their jaded existences. While the Marquise de Merteuil challenges the Vicomte de Valmont to seduce an...

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Polilla-Lynn Polilla-Lynn

This is a story I would not read again. It's about characters who play one another and use sensual, sexual allure and flattery to trick and beguile. Not the type of book that interests me. (I kept hoping it would get better.)

Oct 14th, 2019

forline forline

Actually fascinating! Pulled me right in and I read in one sitting.

Jun 19th, 2018

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 19th, 2015

Caro60 Caro60

This novel is told through the correspondence of its various players which initially seems a little tedious. However, as it develops you read the increasing manipulation of the written word to try and bend the will of others to that of the two primary correspondents who seem to delight in bringing down others to their tawdry level. The image of a butterfly on a pin comes to mind. The Vicomte and the Marquise start as compatriots in these twisted pleasures but end by turning on each other - did they love or who they loved is the enigma of this novel for me.

Oct 27th, 2014

laros76 laros76

Mar 20th, 2014

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