Book :: The Plague

The Plague
By: Albert Camus
Pages: 308
Published: Jun 10th, 1947
Genre(s): Philosophy
Award(s): Nobel Prize in Literature (1957)
Rating: (6)


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A haunting tale of human resilience in the face of unrelieved horror, Camus' novel about a bubonic plague ravaging the people of a North African coastal town is a classic of twentieth-century literature.

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forline forline

I'm not a Camus fan...mandatory reading for French major....

Jan 5th, 2018

bryanoz bryanoz

Jun 19th, 2015

sanayhs sanayhs

Jan 13th, 2015

kyliep96 kyliep96

I feel like this book has no plot, its mostly just an explanation of what happened during the plague each day. Nothing really of interest and there isn't really any character dynamic, they're all just flat and boring.

Jun 29th, 2014

laros76 laros76

Mar 20th, 2014

Keith Keith

Jul 30th, 2013

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